Assorted Artwork

Burning Man Medals

As a gift, I created three medals of the Burning Man map and Love Potion art car. After creating the vector images in Illustrator, I used a laser cutter to etch the designs into 1/4" walnut. I cut and finished the pieces by hand. The ribbon was created using a simple folding technique and fabric glue.  

I'm happy to share the vector files for anyone interested in making their own pieces.


Canine Glasses

I repurposed wine bottles from a trip to Napa to create new drinking glasses. Each bottle was sand blasted with the image of a different dog breed to make it easy to identify your glass and satisfy my slight dog obsession.


This past year I had the opportunity to cast original pieces of jewelry through a silversmithing course. I carved two rings out of wax and cast them in silver.

Devil's Dunkel on bottle.jpg

Devil's Dunkel Label

I created this label for a friend's new brewing company.  


These pieces were designed in Illustrator, then etched into wood with a laser cutter.