Personas at Turo

Upon joining Turo I was tasked with creating a set of personas to highlight our core user groups - hosts and guests. Partnering with our analytics team, I included key metrics for each persona to capture their impact on our marketplace.

The personas have been distributed to the product and engineering teams to better understand our users.

Personas at DocuSign

When I joined the DocuSign team, there was a defined set of personas.  With the existing personas, I created a comparison chart to detail how the personas varied between product areas and features used.  These posters are now displayed in the development area.

The research team held a large kickoff event to introduce our personas to the team and provide guidance on how to use the resources.  For this event we created a deck of cards to share with each member of the product development team. 

In an effort to keep our personas current, I updated and re-introduced a segment of personas to the product team.

Personas at Apttus

We created personas to assist in the development of Apttus' product line.  The personas provided details of each applications primary and secondary users and were used by the product management team to focus our design process.

Process:  After conducting generative user research with Apttus clients, I broke down the information into role specific motivations and needs.  I tried to capture the key characteristics of our primary users to help drive our development initiatives.

The persona details were verified by product managers and several of our customers.  Not only did we use the personas in product management, but as a tool to teach new associates about our customers.